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Guidelines for authors



1. Osmanlı Bilimi Araştırmaları (Studies in Ottoman Science) welcomes original research articles and research notes on the history of science, technology and medicine composed in Turkish, English and French. Articles and documents in translation, reviews of books newly published as well as reports of scientific meetings in the field and correspondence are also accepted.
2. Authors should send one hard copy of their work together with its electronic copy as a Word document saved on a CD to the Editor of the journal. The electronic copy should also be sent to the Editor as an e-mail attachment.
3. The title page of the manuscript should include only the title. The author’s name, affiliation, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number should be written only on a detachable cover sheet.
4. Paper size should be European size A4. Text, notes and quotations should be single-spaced and in 11-point Times New Roman font. Manuscripts  should not exceed 15,000 words including footnotes. Bibliographic information should be given in footnotes not in endnotes.
5. References to books should include author's full name; complete title of the book (in italics); place of publication and publisher's name for books published after 1900; date of publication, including the original date when a reprint is being cited; page numbers cited.
References to articles in periodicals should include author's name; title of article, in quotes; title of periodical (in italics), year; volume number (Arabic) and underlined; number of issue if pagination requires it; page numbers of article; number of particular page cited. Journal titles are spelled out in full on first citation and abbreviated subsequently.
Succeeding citations of books and periodicals should use an abbreviated version of the title with the author's last name. Example: Abcdef, “Mnoprs,” p. 123.
Dates should appear in the form “16 June 1901”; centuries are written in letters, e.g. nineteenth and not 19th.
6. An abstract (in English) of maximum 300 words, and key words (max.10)  should be added to the end of the manuscript.
7. Acknowledgements and appendices should be placed after the main text and before the abstract.
8. Illustrations and figures should be placed within the text and not collected at the end of the manuscript. Copies of letters granting permission to reprint illustration should be provided by the author.
9. Articles which are considered for publication will be sent to three reviewers. The article is only published in case two of the reviewers’ reports are favourable. The author(s) will be notified by the Editor of any request for revision of their text, after the comments of the reviewers.
10. The journaldoes not publish articles that were already published in any language or articles for which the journal must acknowledge permission to another publisher.
11. Authors are responsible for the originality and integrity of the text. Texts, ideas and comments taken/paraphrased from other authors/publications should be acknowledged. Sentences taken directly from other articles/books should be given in quotation marks, accomoanied by full reference.
12. The Istanbul University holds the copyright of the article. In case the author wish to publish his/her article in a book or journal, the publisher must request permission to reprint to Istanbul University. The university will provide the author a free copy of the issue in which his/her manuscript is published.
13. Manuscripts should be both posted and e-mailed to the editor:
Prof. Dr. Feza Günergun, Department of the History of Science, Faculty of Letters,
Istanbul University, Beyazıt – Fatih, 34134 Istanbul, Turkey.


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