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The cannons founded in the Tophâne-i Amire for Cıgalazâde Sinan Pasha's eastern campaign and the account book dated 1012 (1604)


The Ottoman archival documents may help to understand the scopes of the transfer of Western technology to the Ottoman world. Among them, the account book of Tophâne-i Amire (State Cannon Foundry) about C¨galazâde Sinan Pasha's campaign over Iran known as the Eastern Campaign, provides detailed information on materials used for cannon casting and cannons produced in State Cannon Foundry in the 17th century.

This book which covers the period between 10 Şa'ban - 26 Dhul hijja 1012 (12 January - 26 May 1604 ) may be considered as one of the first budgets of the State Cannon Foundry. It is available at the Ottoman Archives of Prime Ministry (Maliyeden Müdevver Defter, Nr. 2515, pp. 1-16) and begins with a one-page introduction which gives general information on the raw materials and cannons as well as the artisans working in the foundry. Pages 2 to 4 cover the icmâl muhasebe (abstract accountancy) section; and the rest of the book consists of the mufassal muhasebe (diffuse accountancy). Pages 5 to 7 are blank. The book gives the number of cannons founded, the income, the expenditure of the Tophâne as well as other activities carried out in the foundry. According to the book, 2 şakaloz, 46 şâhîdarbzen and 4 kolomborna cannons were founded for the Eastern Campaign and for the castle of Ocsakow . 70 kefçeha-i top were produced as well. For all this equipment 533 kantars of copper, bronze and tin were used. The book also records the resources of materials used. It gives the names and salaries of the staff with no mention of their number.

Considering the information given in this early 17th century account book, we may conclude that a considerable number of cannons were sent to the Eastern Campaign both from Erzurum region and from the State Cannon Foundry in Istanbul . Besides, the book helps us understand the organisation and capacity of this institution around 1604.


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