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The Imperial Medical School's activity report (1850-51) and the graduation ceremony

Yeşim Işıl Ülman

 The 19th century modernisation undertaken by Ottoman administrators greatly influenced the medical education. The first modern medical school, the Tıphane-i Amire opened in 1827. Reformed and reorganised, the school reopened in its newly restored building at Galata Sérail in 1838. The "Galatasaray period" of the Imperial Medical School (1838-1848) was renowned for its efficient teaching and qualified staff.

Starting from the first graduation year 1842, the annual activity reports prepared by the teaching staff were presented to the Sultan at the graduation ceremonies. They provide us with valuable information about the teaching and the training at the School. The presentation of annual reports continued after the School transferred to the Humbarahane Barracks right after its building was devastated by the 1848 fire.

The present study aims to present the 1850-51 report which comprises detailed information about the teaching programme, staff, student profile, interns, museum and the various activities carried on at the Imperial Medical School. It gives us clues about the initial stages of the movement which led in 1867 to a changeover in the teaching language from French to Turkish.


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