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A Research Essay on the Halkalı Ziraat Mekteb-i Alisi Mecmuası (Journal of Halkalı School of Agriculture)

 Sevtap Kadıoğlu

Periodicals were first published in Turkey towards mid-nineteenth century. Since then, a number of political, commercial, literary and scientific journals appeared. One of them is the Halkalı Ziraat Mekteb-i Âlisi Mecmuası (The Journal of Halkalı School of Agriculture). Published by the teaching staff of the School which was first opened in Istanbul in 1847 under the name "Ziraat Talimhanesi." Only 7 issues including 58 articles appeared quarterly between April 1917 and July 1918. The main goal was to provide information on the results obtained in the application of new agricultural methods and related practices in the farms ancillary to the School. T he journal included also the reports of the excursions made by the teaching staff to the various parts of Turkey. Thus, it may be argued that it achieved its goal to some degree. A large number of articles deal with agriculture and stock-breeding, the climate and agricultural structure of Anatolia and various countries, agriculturally important mines, harmful insects, forestry and geology. Although the journal has been a short-lived one, it gives us rather precise information on the activities of the School as well as clues on its teaching program. It constitutes a valuable source in the field of the history of agriculture and agricultural education in Turkey.


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