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A Turkish journal on agricultural sciences: Ziraat ve Sınaat Tercüme-i Fünun Odaları Mecmuası

Sevtap Kadıoğlu

Various periodicals on agricultural arts were published in Turkey towards the end of the 19 thcentury. They were issued either by state institutions such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the School of Agriculture or by agricultural societies or individuals. A number of them were long-lived journals whereas the others ephemeral. The earliest two periodicals were the Vasıta-i Servet (Means of Wealth) and the Ziraat Gazetesi (Newspaper of Agriculture). The journal under study, the Ziraat ve Sınaat Tercüme-i Fünun Odaları Mecmuası ( Journal of the Chamber for the Translation of Agricultural Sciences and Arts) was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. It aimed to introduce agricultural knowledge and techniques to a wider public and assist those involved in agricultural pratices. The journal included articles on various kinds of soils, the cultivation of fruits and cereals, the breeding of horses, the anatomy of plants and the history of commerce.

Key Words: A griculture, Periodical, Turkey
Anahtar Kelimeler: Tarım, Ziraat, Dergi, Süreli Yayın, Türkiye


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