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The autobiography of Fazlı Faik Yeğül, professor of veterinary medicine, chemistry and toxicology

Ferruh Dinçer

There is no doubt that archives are among the most important sources for historical studies. Biographies included in collections are also attractive materials for historians. Beginning from 1963 onwards, I started to collect historically important items throughout my academic life. These items contributed to the foundation of the Veterinary Museum of the Veterinary Faculty of Ankara University in 1974. The Museum's Biographical Archive contains hundreds of biographies dating back to the 19th century. Many researchers from different scientific disciplines have used this archive.

The present article will introduce the biography of Ord. Prof. Dr. Fazlı Faik Yeğül (1882-1965) as based on a manuscript kept in the biographical archive of the Veterinary Museum in Ankara University. This manuscript was compiled by Professor Yeğül himself in 1964, and provides valuable information on the history of Turkish veterinary medicine, pharmacy and chemisty, and his personal educative activities.

Key words: Ankara University, biography, Fazlı Faik Yeğül, Fritz Arndt, history of veterinary science, chemistry, Turkey; Anahtar kelimeler: Ankara Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi, Baytar Mektebi, biyografi, Fazlı Faik Yeğül, Fritz Arndt, veteriner hekimlik tarihi, Yüksek Ziraat Enstitüsü, kimya öğretimi.



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