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Urban reforms of Tanzimat:
Early planning practices in the formation process of Turkish reconstruction system (1839-1908)

Koray Özcan

The aim of this paper is to examine the planning practices initiated by the urban reforms of Tanzimat and realized throughout the period of 1839-1882.

These examinations are based on three hypotheses. Firstly, the pre-Tanzimat Turkish reconstruction system was based on the legal and spatial background formed by the order or disorder related to the organization of urban spaces. Secondly, the dualist structure was originated by the Tanzimat reforms through legal regulations lead to spatial differences in urban spaces. Thirdly, the Turkish planning practices in Tanzimat period were influenced by the Western planning practices.

In this respect, the methodology of the study is based on analyzing the legal documents such as the manifestos (ilmühabers), the regulations (nizamnames) and the laws (kanunnames) related to urban planning and also the plans and maps of Turkish towns issued during that period.

Key words: Tanzimat, urban reforms, Turkish reconstruction system, planning practices, Turkey. Anahtar kelimeler: Tanzimat, kent reformları, Türk imar sistemi, plânlama deneyimleri, Türkiye.




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