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A botanical collector in Anatolia in the 19th century:
Eugène Bourgeau (1813-1877)

Asuman Baytop

Eugène Bourgeau (1813-1877) is a French traveler-collector engaged in Paris in the "Association Botanique Française d'Exploration" and later in the "Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle". He has been earlier curator of the Webb Herbarium. From 1845 on, he visited mainly the Canary Islands, Spain, North Africa, North America and Mexico. In 1860 and 1862, on the wish of E.Boissier (1810-1885), he visited Anatolia, collected from Antalya-Elmalı and from Gümüşhane-Bayburt regions ca. 1500 specimens. Boissier cites in his Flora Orientalis 1195 of his specimens. According to Flora of Turkey, Bourgeau has collected from Anatolia the type specimens of 79 new taxa, from which 52 are from South Anatolia and 27 from the North-east. E.Cosson (1815-1889), named after Bourgeau in 1849 a new genus in the Compositae: Bourgaea Coss. (= Cynara L.). During the 1857-1859 British North America expedition, his name was given to a mount situated at the vicinity of Banff: the Mount Bourgeau.

Key Words: Turkish flora, botanical expeditions, collectors, E.Bourgeau, history of botany: Anahtar Kelimeler: Türkiye florası, bitki toplamaları, toplayıcılar, E.Bourgeau, botanik tarihi.


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