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An episode from the history of Ottoman technology:
Methods of ship launching

Tuncay Zorlu

This article addresses Ottoman ship launching methods as a part of the Ottoman naval technology and aims to give it a flavour of cultural and historical content. Ottoman ship launching seems to have consisted of two basic methods: stern-first launch and float-out. Ottomans were aware that the first method provided the ship with greater resistance, buoyancy and gradual detachment during the launching. The float-out method which is not presently considered as launching in the technical sense was adopted in late nineteenth century. It was used in order to float out the ships constructed in ship building sheds or dry-docks after receiving sea water inside.

Launching of ships reflect the socio-cultural aspects of the Ottoman Empire in a series of ceremonial activities. Selection of nobility and high ranking officials to participate in the ceremonies and the sending of written invitations to the leading personalities; the naming of the ship, determination of an auspicious time for the launch and the decoration of the ships, preparation of marquees for the distinguished administrators, and the construction of a special platform for the Sultan on a galleon, recitation of prayers, sacrificing of animals, granting of presents to the participants and workers, all pose examples of the various perspectives of the Ottoman Empire.

Key words: Ottoman Empire, ship launching, dry-dock, float-out, galleon; Anahtar kelimeler: Osmanlı İmparatorluğu, gemi indirme, kuruhavuz, yüzdürme, kalyon.



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