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The door lock in Anatolian culture

Semra Saraçoğlu & Bülent Karakaş

Doors allow for opening between spaces, interior and exterior whereas door locks provide privacy and seclusion. A lock is a particular mechanism and a functional part of the door. Doors without locks serve for separation, but it is the lock or padlock which signifies posession. By definition, a lock is a shutting device working with the help of a part that can be installed and removed, such as a key or a button.

Apart from its protective features, a certain type of lock is important in providing information about the sociological and cultural modes in a given period. In Anatolia, locks from the eastern and southeastern regions, presented in this article, carry simple mechanisms, mainly becuse the community did not demand complete isolation. Interdependence and collaboration typical of nomadic society was widespread in this part of the country for a very long period. Sophisticated locks were unnecessary in this setting. Different mechanical locks, however, with elaborate mechanisms were produced to display mastery, but these were not for common use.

Key words: Key, lock, padlock, Anatolia, door; Anahtar kelimeler: Anahtar, kilit, asma kilit, Anadolu, kapı.



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