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Pharmacist Mustafa Hakkı Nalçacı (1881-1953), Professor of Chemistry

 Emre Dölen

 Born in Afyonkarahisar, Mustafa Hakkı Nalçacı (1881-1953) was sent to Istanbul for education. In 1894 he attended the Military Secondary School and then went into the Military Medical Preparatory School in 1896. Having finished the preparatory school, he entered the class of pharmacy at the Imperial School of Medicine in1901 and graduated as a pharmacist lieutenant. He was then appointed pharmacist to the battlefronts hospital at Hejaz. The next year he became Instructor of Chemistry at the Imperial School of Medicine, and then having won the examinations, he was appointed to the Civil Medical School at Damascus as instructor of organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry, where he taught until the closure of the school in 1918. After working for some time as a chemist and pharmacist at the Municipality of Bursa, he came back to Istanbul and started his job at a pharmacy depot. In 1925 he founded a laboratory and started the production of medical drugs. The same year Mustafa Hakkı Nalçacı entered the Faculty of Medicine as Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and in 1928 moved to the Faculty of Science as Instructor of General Chemistry. After he became a cast out in 1933, he got involved the production of drugs. Professor Nalçacı has five published textbooks.


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