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Geographical Distribution of Ottoman Mines in the XIXth Century

Mehmet Bayartan

Mines were essential resources for with respect to their economical, social, cultural, and military aspects throughout history. Mines were also an important source of wealth for the Ottoman Empire.

The technological advancement in the course of time, the changes in the world's economical and political system, in other words, the differentiation of regional power balances brought about changes in the geographical distribution of most of the activities. This change can be observed as an increase, decrease or a renewal of mining industries. This study, aims to present the distribution of mines in the territories included within the boundaries of Ottoman Empire in the XIXth century according to the province of the Empire.

Key words: Ottoman mining, Provinces, Distribution of mines, Historical Geography; Anahtar kelimeler: Osmanlı madenciliği, Eyaletler, Madenlerin dağılışı, Tarihi coğrafya.



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